A cinematic essay "Since 2001," Photographed in Gwangju South Korea 2018.
Documenting an afternoon at BANDO elderly dance club, situated in the underground parking lot of a shopping mall for obsolete electronic products. "Since 2001" is a glimpse to a retro future, where technology and ageing, west and east are intertwined

On the music of Japanese hits from the 1960s, all engaged in a rather static, knee-bobbing ballroom dance routine. The sedate nature of the dancing is in stark contrast to the decibel level of the music. While trying to grasp the rules of conduct in this new environment, the grasp slowly weakens, and we dive into another reality.

Demographically South Korea is ageing faster than any other country, yet there are few post-retirement jobs, or even cheap leisure, available for the elderly. Almost half of the generation that helped rebuild Asia’s fourth-largest economy, from the ruins of the Korean War, is living in poverty. And about a quarter live alone as the Confucian tradition of the younger generation taking care of their parents fades. BANDO is an independent initiative of a couple post-retirement, He is the club's DJ and she runs the restaurant bar.

My foreign presence and the presence of my camera are fracturing an invisible sectoral border placed in the entrance to the club. As a response to the foreign entity there are those who confront the camera with a direct gaze, and those that overpass it, remaining dedicated to the intimacy of their dance.

Director:Yitzhak izek Mizrahiproduced by :Tchelet Pearl Weisstub AND Yitzhak izek Mizrahi

Trailer "SINCE 2001" from Yitzhak izek Mizrahi on Vimeo.