Eve: video HD, loop, 01:52 min. Raphael: video HD, loop, 02:16 min.

“THIS IS MY FAMILY” is a two video channel, made as a part of a research on a self-invented term called  "FANASTHSIA" is a video work portraits of my aunt and uncle. The work creates a dialogue between two characters who have never met, from two different sides of the family but both are in the state of waiting for time to pass "No plan. No plan. Life. Period.". Through the meeting with my aunt and uncle I examine the boundary between sanity and madness and the different sense of time madness provides. The project was created as an analogy to contemporary western reality where we might be experiencing a new kind of synesthesia; that is the mixing between the virtual and the real. The "Post Truth" social constructs  is constantly altering in regards to subjective value. Much like an Uroburos that feeds into endless reflections and reflections. The works that were shown in this exhibition deal with reality becoming more and more fluid flowing into the maze of words and images, intertwining into a constant search of a new identity.