video loop, 01:16 min, silent

The “duplicates paradox” is a thought experiment on the philosophy of identity that challenges some of our common intuitions on  the nature of self and consciousness. Summer Day Afternoon, Grass in a park, A group of ultra-orthodox playing football. The work Duplicate deals with the experience of living in a capitalist economy: “Everything we previously might have deemed personal has been subjected to profiling and pattern analysis, and our very feedback mechanism with the world and others are hence changing.”Anselm Franke.  Thus the idea of individuality has become commodified and it seems to me that the majority of citizens as well as myself are losing to there/my own reflection and self-imposed rules of the game. On the other end of the spectrum there are my neighbors in Jerusalem and some of my closest relatives that are ultra orthodox that deny the idea of individuality for they regard themselves as agents of God’s word. Out of mistrusts towards the modern individualist world that we all share, they choose to build a community living through shared ideas about its past rather than its present thus rejecting critical thinking and social equality.